Our Offer

  • Base-line, Mid-line, End-line & Household Survey.
  • Qualitative Research (FGD, IDI, KII, Case studies etc.).
  • Desk/Archival Research (Secondary research) & Social Media Research.
  • Central Location Test (CLT).
  • Database Creation.
  • Project Feasibility Study, Project Monitoring & Evaluation/Assessment.
  • Project Identification and Planning & Project Proposal Writing.
  • HR Consulting & Corporate Training (communication, leadership, time management etc.).
  • Business Model/Plan Development.
  • Design & Conduct Marketing Campaign.


  • Helps in informed decision making, leading to ultimate business growth.
  • Helps to gain a better understanding and insight of your target consumers.
  • Understanding brand position vs competitors and industry.
  • Helps to identify the gaps in the retail and work on the opportunities (SWOT).
  • Helps in Decision Making: valuable resources can be used in the right place to get maximum return.
  • Cuts down any unnecessary cost.
  • Recommendation from Expert Panel.
  • Identification of the problems is the 50% solution.
  • Access to INFORMATION will lead you to WINNING.

Client Engagement Model Adhoc Projects

  • One time studies
  • Customized solutions every time – Based on projects’ requirement
  • Changes from time to time
  • Exclusive researcher for projects

Tracking Studies

  • Ongoing projects for a fixed number of days
  • Monthly / Bi-monthly / Quarterly / Yearly agreement on projects
  • Exclusive team of researchers and field for client